Food Bank of Central NC

We began working with the food bank in June of 2022 to highlight two important events during the summer. Avium Oculus produced edited videos including broll and interview segments from staff for marketing purposes and display on site. Our first production covered the food distribution event at Maureen Joy Charter school in Durham NC, while the second video highlighted the achievements of CEO Peter Werbicki and the future vision for food bank operations. These promotional pieces featured drone cinematography, handheld broll to highlight the individual events, as well as aforementioned captivating interview segments.

Testimonial: Very much enjoyed working with Avium Oculus. It was our first time working with them after using the same company for our videos for many years so I was a little nervous. I was so glad to find they are as professional and reliable as the previous company but also brought a fresh perspective to the work.
The Avium Oculus team interviews the Food Bank.
-Video Production
- Multiple Deliverables
-End-to-End Service
-Unique & Tailored
-Wide-array of B-roll
-Multiple Shoot Dates
-Multiple Companies Involved
-In-house Editing
-Quick Video Turnarounds

Berkshire Hathaway

Our team started working with Berkshire Hathaway in June of 2022 to capture aerial images of property listings around the Chapel Hill area. We were able to deliver edited photos of the properties with same day delivery, capturing all angles of the exterior. Due to the wooded nature of the Chapel Hill area, we made sure to plan our shoots in advance so that we could best capture the houses based on the environment. Our images highlighted key details of each property such as the yard, driveways, and guest houses not visible from the road. These drone photos distinguished the listings from competition, leading to an improved sales rate.

Testimonial: We have had Thomas and Kyle take drone photography shots for several of our recent listings. They are prompt to return calls/texts and do the work when they say they will. Turnaround time to receive the high quality photos is very fast. Love the arrows and bullet points they include to highlight to specific targets in various photos. The quality received for the price paid is perfect. Highly recommend! Thank you!
A house from above
-Showcased Property
-Provided Geographic/Location Context
-Video Cliips
-Higher perspective for conceptualization
-Better Understanding of Property and Surrounding Areas
-Unique Angles Tailored to the Property
-Edited Deliverables Viable for Commercial Use

Chapel Hill Construction

Avium Oculus worked with Chapel Hill Construction in July of 2022 to develop a promotional photo and video set highlighting several of their Trex decks built in the area. Our team visited each location, meticulously capturing the notable features of each structure. We then edited the photos and produced a cohesive video production including each deck. These deliverables were returned in just over two weeks and have been used to promote the Chapel Hill Construction website and social media. Furthermore, we worked closely with Chapel Hill construction to develop 3D scans of properties in order to perform predictive cost analysis for further deck construction. These models provided valuable insight with regards to the overall scope of each project, resulting in significant time savings and reduction of overhead.
A house from above
-Video Showcase of Projects
-Timelapse of Project Progress
-Predictive Onsite Volumetric Measurements
-1cm GSD Accurate Terrestrial Asset Measuring
-Edge Computing Equates to Onsite Results


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