Mapping Mission
Gain an enhanced understanding of any space by exploring your own 3D-rendered map.
Video Productions
From aerial showcases to full video productions, our team is ready to showcase your business.
Aerial Photoshoots
Experience the world from a bird's eye view with our professional aerial photoshoot services.

Advanced Mission Mapping

A fully intuitive and interactive 3D rendering of your business, residence or construction site with geographic measurements and hard-to-measure information is created with our advanced mission mapping. Mission planning incorporates your most essential focal points and environmental obstructions such as trees and cranes to capture and measure crucial information impossible to obtain without the use of a drone. Our team will show up on site and deliver renderings in only a few hours that your business can use to make crucial decisions.
The Avium Oculus team interviews the Food Bank.

Video Productions

Our video production services are two-fold: aerial showcases and full video productions. Aerial showcases allow our team to capture professional video quality footage to discover and record hard-to reach locations. Full video productions include everything from narrative writing to video editing and everything in between. Our team can capture and delver high quality B-Roll footage and interviews with a quick turn-around time. Our goal is to provide professional, narrative-driven content to help tell your story.
A drone flies in front of a Mustang

Aerial Photoshoots

With professional drone technology paired with ultra high-definition video, our team can provide you a set of eyes in the sky. We will do extensive research on your property and plan a flight route and mission based on your goals, lighting conditions, and property activity. We will then fly the mission and capture up to 50 full-resolution images, add appropriate markers and information to the photos, and return the images in the same day.


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