Providing you with a new perspective to tackle your complex problems.
At Avium Oculus, our goal is simple: find ways to improve your workflows, safety, time management, and inventory management through the use of interactive maps and models.

We can survey and photograph your facility, workplace, or construction site from a never-before-seen angle and provide you with meaningful results that you can use to make decisions.


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Co-Founder & CEO
Thomas graduated from the University of Chapel Hill in May of 2022. He majored in economics, minored in history and entrepreneurship, and competed for the varsity swim team for three years. As co-founder and CEO, he manages many of the day-to-day operations and insists upon having close contact with his clients. He is also an FAA-registered UAV pilot and oversees all mission planning and execution for the business. Thomas has deep roots in the Chapel Hill area and has provided value to clients nearby throughout his time in college. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching all kinds of movies and TV, and going to the pool or beach when away from the office.
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Kyle grew up in Chapel Hill and his interests in engineering led him to develop drafting and Auto Desk skills throughout high school. He cultivated these skills by working closely on his dad’s company Chapel Hill Construction, generating a greater understanding of business and the professional world. He enrolled in the business school at UNC-Greensboro, but ultimately chose to defer his studies in pursuit of fulfillment and to stay closer to family. He co-founded Avium Oculus LLC in June of 2022. Kyle is an innovative thinker when it comes to the strategic future of the business and is diligent in maintaining brand image as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. In his free time, he enjoys listening to current event podcasts, assisting his mom with household projects, and anything that has to do with cars or the outdoors.


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